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Open Source and Recommended Software Alternatives

There are many alternatives to Microsoft products. The alternatives have as many functions as their counterparts, and in most cases many more simply because they were built to be "open source". So don't be fooled that paying for the name means you get a better product, in this case "You get what you pay for" is laughable.

Android for PC is a full feature Android Operating System Windows Replacement. Start off with the Android 4 Install to get your feet wet and You'll never want to go back to Windows again. Options to run include "Live CD/USB" this does not replace Windows, or the Install Version, this will set up a dual boot scenario. Use your favorite apps on a laptop or PC!. We'll post a page on our install process, which uses a procedure prefered by other Linux branches. The linked "how to" here is not very complicated.

OpenOffice Suite is a full function Microsoft Office Replacement. It has become our prefered productivity suite. It will open and save as Office and all other file formats.

FreeDOS Operating System is an MS-DOS replacement
Allows You to use old games and favorite programs, even Windows 3.1. Maybe even other software on sourceforge.

WinAmp Media player is a full featured Media Player with as much and more functionality than Windows Media Player.

Serviio Media Server is a DNLA media server. Install it on a PC, select the drives with media to be shared and view that media on many Smart TV's, DVD/BR players, consoles, and apps for devices. While it is a simple thing to open up a media file the old fashioned method on a PC or device, many devices do not have file browsers. Many Multi-Media programs on PC will also find and use the stream, many give you a snappy "Netflix" like user interface!

Abyss Web Server is a complete server for Win and Linux. While there is some setup required, and opening of ports on the router, setting up a server is not actually a complicated ordeal. Especially if you're tired of the hassle of using others server for your webite. Run your own in house web pages to keep your notes, and information. This server is in use from consumers to major business, the only difference in the free version is the 1 server host limit.

Web Server PHP framework is an essential install if the power of web server is to be unlocked. PHP allows calculations, file manipulation, information submission, and dynamic content to be possible. While some java is still used to do some functions, php doesn't leak or consume the resources a bad javascript can cause on on a clients browser.

Fine Print: Contact the Developers or search the forums for each program for assistance. Functions are so similiar to others that few problems should occur.



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