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Music is Universal!

We have a huge repository of audio, from many genre's. Members contribute to the shares, in addition to other sources. We share a few tracks daily and monthly to give users an oppurtunity to explore other types of music

Today's random Tune is 'Going for Gold', by 'Shed Seven' updated 07.00 Mon 06.18.2018
This is auto-updated daily!. It could be Pop, House, HNRGY, Rock, Dark Wave, Synth, Country, from any decade!

Leaders Choice Tune is 'Under My Skin Edgar III Stomp Mix', by 'Blue System' updated 22.32 Wed 11.01.2017
Our Personal favs, no Country in these ranks!

Weds DM Tune is 'Personal Jesus Zone Depeche Trance Remix', by 'Depeche Mode' updated 21.46 Sat 03.24.2018
these are from select sources around the globe, along with old favs. Updates weekly on Wednesdays.

Video List A complete list of video's now on our servers. Updates weekly and after new files are sorted.

Recommended Terms: You may review these tracks for a period of 24hrs, at which time it should be deleted. It is shared to Promote the Artist. It is not possibe to download the file from the source file, for hot linking. File must be downloaded from this site. Files are renamed at each access.



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