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Welcome, from the dusty corners of the archives I have found the old Augustus Landing site.

Standard Graphics Site

As You can see, at the time we themed each server as a "Battlestar", one of the few legacies of that period was the retention of each server for a region being titled "CiC-Actual [Name]' we also began a push to standardize which connection methods to use for devices/PC's at the time dominated by Palm, WinCE and a few other obscure PDA's. As I look through the old site, the changes in technology is amazing. Amazingly the methods we chose to concentrate on are still in use and the foundation of all current connection schemes. At the time we had a huge hub presense and each server usually ran 3 hubs.. Our average connected user count was about 15k. Not much of the original [`°º¤_Colony Network_¤º°`] survives,

The rest of the site hasn't been redone, but I'd thought it would be cool to preview the look....again..

Active Web Site Maintainance is on-going Please be patient and report any errors.. Update, We performed what was to be a standard update to the php mechanics. Well what we hadn't counted on was that the environment variables changed, and it wasn't just a few.. We opted to take the pages down and rebuild them..




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